Biomaterial platform Mynusco to combat climate change | THEHITC

BENGALURU: Mynuscoa Bengaluru based company biomaterials Company, formerly known as Spectalite supports companies and consumers to reduce their carbon footprint. It helps companies select from their wide range of biomaterials, develop new materials, design products using circular principles, convert materials into finished products and assess the products’ life cycle impacts.Mynusco means “subtract the damage done to our ecology”. The company uses AI to select the right biomaterial for different needs and uses blockchain to dynamically track carbon footprint and resource conservation throughout the product lifecycle. You have a collection of more than 1000 biomaterials to choose from. Mynusco has helped companies in the automotive, consumer goods, furniture, personal care, packaging and hospitality industries to implement circular solutions with its biomaterials platform.

The company enables the transition of the plastics industry to a sustainable future. 4.5% of global CO2 emissions come from the production, use and disposal of plastics. The plastics economy is worth more than $2 trillion worldwide. Plastic material into product converters can now use Mynusco biomaterials as a drop-in solution to replace plastics with minimal or no changes to their current molds and machinery. This creates a significant opportunity for the plastics industry to seamlessly transition to a more sustainable business.

Mynusco aims to add value to crop waste and encourage farmers to avoid burning crops. India produces more than 500 million tons of crop residues every year and 2/3 of it is either incinerated or disposed of, resulting in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of burning, we can potentially cut 25% of India’s carbon emissions if we find new ways to use crop residues. Mynusco uses crop residues such as rice husks, rice straw, coffee pods and bamboo waste to manufacture their biomaterials, thereby also helping farmers to significantly increase their income for each harvest.

Mahadev Chikkanna Founder and CEO Mynusco said in a statement: “Sustainable materials alone cannot fight climate change climate change. We need genuine multi-stakeholder partnerships committed to sustainability goals to achieve meaningful outcomes. That is why we have created a biomaterials platform where we inspire, educate, learn from and encourage OEMs, converters and research organizations to work together to develop truly sustainable solutions.”

Mynusco aims to enable a rapid transition to a green economy in partnership with businesses and the community, leveraging their expertise in biomaterials and circular industrial processes. Biomaterial platform Mynusco to combat climate change