Wide range of applications

From cars to cutlery, products that touch your every day lifestyle at home, office and while away on travel can be made with biocomposites.

Limitless application for limitless growth

Application Areas 1


Make light weight moulded components at comparable costs to plastics.

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Application Areas 2

Home & Garden

Beautiful products with great haptics is everyone’s favorite.

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Application Areas 3

Personal Care

Create lasting customer trust with planet friendly personal care products & packaging.

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Application Areas 4


Comfortable and affordable moulded furniture is now sustainable too.

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Application Areas 5


Rigid and semi-flexible packaging solutions that are circular are at the heart of their design.

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Application Areas 6


Best-in-class disposable products that are home and industrial compostable.

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Application Areas 7

Toys & Games

Learn to be sustainable while playing with friends and family.

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Application Areas 8

Gifting Solutions

Gifting solutions made sustainably will make them very special and personal.

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Application Areas 9

Industrial Needs

For your durable and robust industrial needs to handle material and much more.

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Speak to our experts, let’s build a sustainable future together

Looking for the right sustainable solution may not be an easy task. We are happy to support you with the material selection, processing, product engineering, mould development, part manufacturing and provide clarifications about our materials.

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