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From creating value for crop residue to winning your customers’ trust; we have it all covered.

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Help to choose from our wide range of biomaterials

Material Selection

Whether you need material for a new product, or for one of your existing products, we can help you make the right choice by balancing the social, ecological and economic impact.

Here are few ways you can get this started…

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Happy to customise for your specific needs

Material Development

We understand that the unique requirements of each product will require customized materials. Our biocomposites Center of Excellence is well-positioned to develop new materials that match your expectations.

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Your shift to biomaterials can be seamless

Processing Support

We enable your transition to use our biocomposites to be seamless and exciting! Our biocomposites Center of Excellence supported with digital solutions help you understand your current environmental footprint, sharpen your sustainability goals and finally achieve them.

Know more…

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In-house Product development team

Product Development

We can support you with the development of new products, taking into account the biomaterial properties, to maximize sustainability and productivity aspects. We can perform mold flow analysis, CAE analysis, and support with new mold development for your product.

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In Partnership with our moulding partners

Product Manufacturing

In collaboration with our molding partners who have a deep understanding of our materials, and with prior experience in molding across different industrial and consumer products; we can support you with product manufacturing.

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Data is key to achieving meaningful results

Life cycle assessment

Understanding your current product’s current carbon footprint and the benefits you can deliver with our materials is important to decide on the right solution. We help you with the Life Cycle Analysis of your product, pre-and post-material change. This will give you a good basis for deciding on the direction and marketing of your product.

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Stewardship with transparency

Create Trust 

Communicating the sustainability benefits of your products to your consumers can create customer trust and loyalty; especially if the information provided is authentic, with undisputed blockchain technology. We enable you to do so with our proprietary traceability solution.

Speak to our experts, let’s build a sustainable future together

Looking for the right sustainable solution may not be an easy task. We are happy to support you with the material selection, processing, product engineering, mould development, part manufacturing and provide clarifications about our materials.

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