We are a grassroots sustainability company

About us 1

Our business is to make other businesses more sustainable.

We’re contributing to an emerging set of technologies that will preserve both our way of life and the environment.

We’re inventing new materials that regenerate resources and reduce waste and pollution even as they generate profits.

We’re developing business process innovations that turn our unsustainable, linear economy into a circular economy.

We began our journey in 2015. We are one of the many global responses to the urgent question of global warming. We foresee a world in which the idea of profit includes ecological and inclusive social welfare as well as economic growth.

As a young company, we look forward to the future, and we’re hard at work to make it a future worth looking forward to.

Mynus carbon to add wealth

About us 1

Our name stands for our efforts to subtract the harm that traditional businesses are causing to our ecology, and to their own long-term viability. We do this by providing them with new kinds of earth-friendly materials and solutions that match the performance of those that they replace.

We reduce the carbon footprint of businesses with a positive impact on balance sheets as well as the environment. We create wealth not just for industries, but also for their communities.

We are a world leader in biocomposites

About us 1

We turn problems into solutions. We use crop residue (which would otherwise be burnt and add to pollution) and fast renewables to make biocomposite materials that take the place of plastics and other carbon intensive, polluting materials.

Our portfolio includes BioDur, for durable products in automotive, houseware and furniture industries, BioPur, for compostable products such as packaging, disposables and toys.

We offer the world’s largest repository of biomaterials, and the first ever AI based system to help industries choose the materials that are a perfect fit for their products.

We are also the first materials producer in the world to offer blockchain-based IT systems solutions, to help track and manage resources and build fool-proof climate resilience into the economic ecosystem.

Our clients include leading automotive companies and consumer products companies.

We are a platform for circular economy adoption

About us 1

Biomaterials are only part of the circular economy solution. The larger, more important task is to bring together all stakeholders to ensure that our entire economic system is sustainable. We are a platform on which industries, communities and consumers can collaborate to develop circular economy solutions.

Our research and development capabilities facilitate easy and large-scale migration to circular economy models. We can develop new biomaterials that meet your specifications and needs. We can calibrate our large biomaterials portfolio to alter material properties, appearance and usability for you. We also work with businesses to alter their production lines and business models to shift to sustainable, circular economy materials.

We want every business to be a champion of sustainability, because that is what it will take to secure our future.

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Yours’ Truly Sustainable Partner

Sustainability is about striking the right balance across social, ecological and economic impact. They are pivotal to everything we do; underpins every decision we make and action we take.

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Social Impact

Prevent farmers from burning crop-waste and provide additional income to farmers. Ensure safety of life & well being of the community. Materials are tested against international standards.

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Ecological Impact

By using crop-waste & fast-renewable resources, we reduce carbon footprint & conserve resources. Our materials support circular economy with zero toxic discharge, least water & energy requirements.

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Economic Impact

As a result of automation & scalability achieved with support of mature plastic manufacturing technologies, the product price is suitable for mainstream consumption & support economic growth.

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Looking for the right sustainable solution may not be an easy task. We are happy to support you with the material selection, processing, product engineering, mould development, part manufacturing and provide clarifications about our materials.

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