Let us teach sustainability to our children, with one toy at a time

After all it if for their future. More than 90% of the toys around the globe are made with plastic that results in high carbon footprint besides few other challenges. Today, we don’t have the planet that we have known during our childhood. The planet is less stable as a result of global warming resulting in erratic weather patterns and difficult living conditions.

Plastics are the default choice for toys as they are extremely versatile, scalable and economic to use in a wide range of toys applications. They are unfortunately made from fossil resources that when converted to plastics results in high carbon emissions into our atmosphere. This in turn causes global warming and climate change.

If we make the plastics more sustainable, and there by make our toys that are earth-friendly, we would start our children’s foundation with the right tools. We can do this my making materials that behave like plastics from renewable resources that does not result in forest loss.

At Spectalite, our biocomposites are made with crop-waste and fast-renewables from farm, factory and forest. These do not result in tree felling and hence preserve biodiversity. Further, this approach creates a positive socio-economic impact while addressing the ecological problem fundamentally.