Circularity for the product lifecycle

The current way of thinking about product life cycles is fundamentally linear. Circular economy, often also referred to as circularity is fundamental to our fight against climate change. It has to be incorporated across the product lifecycle and not just at the end of product’s use.

To move toward circular economy, products must be designed from inception to optimize the ability to reduce the use of new materials at the beginning, recapture materials when the product has completed its first use phase and ensure second, third or even infinite use phases.

Circular economy principles also highlight the ability of organizations to recapture materials through methods like take-back programs that reduce the need to extract new resources.

At Spectalite, our biocomposites are made with crop-waste and fast-renewables from farm, factory and forest. The biocomposites are made to eliminate waste at the beginning of the product lifecycle and the biocomposites can be recycled many times. Spectalite also support buy-back programs for the products made with its biocomposites as this would enable a closed loop circularity where the resources are used most efficiently.